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Welcome to the Cornell laboratory 

The Cornell Lab at University of Washington studies the gene regulatory networks that govern cell lineage specification, cell survival, and cellular differentiation during embryonic development. In these studies, we use zebrafish, a vertebrate model system well-suited to genetic and embryological methods. This research illuminates the genetic pathways that govern specification, survival, and differentiation of cells. It also provides insight into how these pathways become disrupted in a variety of disease states, including birth defects, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Tg(krt4: NLS-EGFP) GFP expression in Zebrafish enveloping layer (EVL) 32 hours post fertilization (hpf)


  • Functional Tests Of Non-Coding DNA Variants Associated With Risk For Orofacial Clefting

  • Dissecting The Transcriptional Network Governing Differentiation Of Periderm

  • Regulation Of The Melanocyte Lineage By The AP2 Transcription Factor Family

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